The Case Against Artificial Intelligence

There are some who claim that a sufficiently complex computer can be intelligent and even conscious. Of course I can't prove that this is impossible, any more than anyone can prove that ANYONE is conscious. But I can demonstrate that such a claim is absurd.
A computer doesn't have to be electronic. Indeed, our own brains are meat, not silicon. And calculating machines have been made of metal or wooden pushrods and gears, and even some using switching streams of water. So now imagine a computer made of wood. Better yet, since I am a Pastafarian, let's make it of macaroni. To make it very large and complex, we'll have to build and operate it in a zero-gravity environment. No problem. So build it and program it just the same way you would your favorite "Artificially Intelligent" electronic computer. Of course, it will have to run more slowly so it won't burn itself up by friction, but who argues that SPEED makes for Artificial Intelligence? If a very slow computer came up with General Relativity after cogitating for a million years, would you refuse to call it Intelligent?
Okay, now we have a Pasta Intelligence, according to the AI advocates. The existence of this being does not disprove the claims of the AI proponents, but it does mean that these guys have to explain to their loved ones why they believe in the Intelligent Macaroni.